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What is the Saavi Scoop?

Our bi-monthly newsletter called the saavi scoop is intended to share information about who we are, what we are doing, how we are serving the community and more! In 2021 we focused on our various saavi programs and individual student features. This year we are exploring each core area of blindness training. Every couple of months this delightful email will pop into your inbox and hopefully educate you, spark your interest, and maybe even make you smile! Please click the button below if you would like to join the many other lucky recipients of the saavi scoop!

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Student Features

Check our Success video on Marilyn Villa. Marilyn is a residential student. Listen to how she conquered personal barriers and applies her training skills at home and out in the community.

How We:

The Saavi Scoop features a “How We” video every newsletter to give you an insight on how Saavi use various tools to be independent such as braille, technology, a cane and so much more. Check out one of our videos on how we manage money.

The More You Know


Did you know that the State of Arizona allows taxpayers filing jointly to contribute up to $800 and single taxpayers up to $400. This is a direct dollar-for-dollar credit and actually allows you to direct your tax dollars to saavi programs! Consider a monthly gift of $33.33 and receive the entire amount as an Arizona State Tax Credit for an Individual (or $66.66 for Married Couples filing Jointly)!

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