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Saavi Services for the Blind offers a summer of memories and a lifetime of skills to blind Arizonan teens through our Ready Set Go summer camp to ensure that you have a memorable summer. Don’t waver; Pack your bags today!

Who We Are

We are Saavi Services for the Blind and it is our motto and belief to expect more of our students. High expectations mean high achievements for program participants. We expect more of our students, and in turn they set high expectations for themselves. Thus, achieving more and becoming more.

Expect More, Achieve More, Become More. It’s not what you can see, but what you can do!

What it Entails

As school ends and summer starts, we at Saavi Services for the Blind begin our Ready Set Go! summer camp! Developed with blindness professionals, blind mentors, and Saavi alumni, RSG is our summer residential program for 9-12th graders. Students live and learn in fully furnished apartments as they prepare for college living and independence. This highly individualized program blends nonvisual skills training, independent living experience, and fun into one unforgettable experience.

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Ready Set Go:  Three opportunities,

  • Ready:  June 9th – June 30th.  Focusing on Confidence and independence, this program is designed for those who want in introductory experience with a summer program.
  • Get Set:  June 9th – July 21st.  Designed to help you plan your life after high school, this program offers additional experiences including
    • College prep classes,
    • Paid Work Experience.
    • Attending the National Federation of the Blind National Convention.
  • Let’s Go:  Senior Track:  June 9th – August 4th:  Along with all the above experiences, This program is designed for graduating seniors and supports you in being ready for your first year of college.  Experiences include:
    • Academic skills support
    • Signing up for classes,
    • Exploring, practicing, and mastering various accommodation tools and options in a variety of class situations.
    • Orientating, and preparing for classes at your specific college campus.

Another priority of this program is exposing students to local, national, and international organizations that support youth involvement. Each student will also have the opportunity to attend the National Federation of the Blind National Convention, which will be held in Houston, Texas.* (Only available for campers who participate in the 6 and 8 week camps) This is a chance for each student to spend one week with more than 2,000 blind people from around the country. Students will be taking part in sessions learning about new technology, advocating individually and as a group, student resources are available and much more!

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Program Activities

Ready Set Go to Work: Students grades 9 through 12 are matched with job opportunities related to their chosen career field. Students will receive job readiness classes with individualized job development and job coaching to ensure success in their work experience. Each student will take part in a work experience tailored around their stated goal.

Senior Track: Graduated seniors will have a unique opportunity to take a more in depth look at entering the university arena. Students will learn about making textbooks accessible, organization within the college setting, and what services of support are available for students. Students will also be exposed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), writing and reading improvement classes.

Access Technology: Training on various computer software and hardware, handheld magnifiers, screen readers, screen magnifiers, CCTVs, Windows OS, Apple products, Androids, etc.

Independent Living Skills: Instruction in all areas of home and personal management- cooking, cleaning, shopping, managing paperwork, home maintenance, and more.

Braille: Braille literacy and proficiency training to increase reading speed and comprehension.

Orientation & Mobility: Travel in any environment safely and efficiently, learning various low-tech and high-tech methods to orient yourself and get where you want.

Positive Philosophy on Blindness: Discussion based instruction where students learn how to articulate ideas and feelings while discussing blindness, global, and age-related topics.

Covid Statement:

Saavi highly values the safety of each student and staff.  We strive to provide a learning environment that promotes our mission while eliminating unnecessary health risks.  To support a healthy and safe environment, Saavi Services for the blind models our practices off of the recommendations from the State of Arizona Department of Health Services, as well as the Center for Disease Control. We require that everyone on site to be up to date with vaccinations and to wear a mask at all times.

To attend for the 2024 Ready Set Go! Summer Program, please Apply Here!

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