• SAAVI Staff and Students Hiking Group

    A large group of SAAVI Students and Staff equipped with their canes and walking sticks, posing for a picture before they undertake a great hike outside.
  • SAAVI Students on the move

    Two photos, one showing a group of students under learning shades walking alongside a river, with a bridge in the background. The other photo shows a student under learning shade getting ready to fly down a zipline.
  • SAAVI Students Doing Great

    Two photos, one showing four students posing in front of the Community Food Bank truck after an event. The other photo shows a group of students under learning shades getting ready to light their grills and cook that nights dinner.

Youth and Transition Services

If you are interested in our Youth & Transition Services, please contact: Mohammed Falah, mfalah@saavi.us, 520-795-1331
Our Youth and transition services happen year round! Not only can students participate in our REAL program, but there are also two other ways to get involved and receive training:


SAAVI RSG Students under learning shade getting O and M instructionReady Set Go Summer Camp is a yearly summer camp that happens every year at our Tucson location. It is when a group of high schoolers attend classes at our training center, while also living offsite in an apartment of their own. The premise of this program is provide the campers with the experience of living on their own, and doing things every other college student has to do – laundry, cooking, taking classes, etc.


SAAVI RSG Student at her summer job in the nursing field, working with a large medical device



Students get to experience working at a job in a career field they are interested in, participating in the National Federation of the Blind conference as well as doing all sorts of fun camp things like rock climbing and airsofting. Look here for more information on our 2022 Ready Set Go Summer Program.





After summer is over and school is our, we also have over

Steppin Out Student under learning shade cleaning dishes at the sinkSteppin’ Out Program, which is a residential program designed for students who have completed their senior year in high school and who are entering college or who want to enter the work force. The students in this program range in ages from 18 to 22, and experience living independently first hand. Onsite staff are available for follow up instruction and support to assist in practical application of skills learned during the day.