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Senior Services

Are you 65+ or over?
Are you retired or approaching retirement?
Are you experiencing vision loss, or having trouble seeing everyday things?

Call us today to find out more about programs and services that will help you maintain your independence and live the life you deserve!

What We Do

Our Independent Living Blind program is an adult training program with a focus on those ages 55+. This program is specifically for individuals who are not seeking employment. We provide training in various areas so that you can continue to live your life.

The goal of this program is to provide some basic skills training so that participants may stay independent in their own home. This could include cane skills training, kitchen safety training, home modifications like talking thermostats, etc.

If you are interested in our senior services please contact:

Mohammed Falah
Itinerant Services Program Manager / ILB Services

If you are interested in our senior services: Individuals with a visual impairment who are working part time or wish to return to the workforce, please refer to our Comprehensive Day Program. Which is designed for those who are seeking to gain or retain employment.

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Program Services

Adjustment, Support & Knowledge:
ASK CLASS: Classes meet twice a week. During the sessions you will explore different program services that are available through Saavi Services for the Blind. You will also meet other blind seniors who are adjusting to changes in their vision.

Health & Wellness:
We help you develop a personalized wellness plan which may include weight, cardio, balance, and strength training in a variety of methods.

Access Technology:
Training on various computer software and hardware, as well as on Android and Apple mobile devices to help you take advantage of today’s technology. *Please note, you must already own these devices to receive training on them. Devices are not provided.

Positive Perceptions about Blindness:
Counseling services include support groups and resources on coping with vision loss.

Social & Recreation Classes:
individuals may have the opportunity to participate in arts and crafts, sewing, and additional SAAVI recreational services.

Independent Living Services:
Instruction in all areas of home and personal management such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, managing paperwork, home maintenance and more, so that you can live the life you deserve. One of the main goals of the program is to ensure independence in the home which includes an optional home visit with organizational tips, marking and labeling appliances as well as education on how to maintain a safe home environment.

Orientation & Mobility:
Receive tips on how to travel in any environment safely and efficiently by learning various methods to orient yourself and get where you want to go, when you want to be there.

Whether you’re reading or writing a shopping list or a novel – we can help you learn the skills you need to be in control of your written information through Braille instruction.

Home Visits:
One of the main goals of the program is to ensure independence in the home and includes an optional home visit with organizational tips, marking and labeling appliances as well as education on how to maintain a safe home environment.

Saavi Senior LIFE Retreat

saavi senior life retreat

Learn the blindness skills you need to live the life you earned at Saavi’s L.I.F.E. Retreat

If you are over the age of 55 and you are experiencing vision loss, the “Living Independently through Foundational Experiences” Retreat is for you! Come gain the skills and resources to independently live the life that you have earned through basic nonvisual skills training, community experiences and positive group connection.

Participants will receive nonvisual training in assistive technology, Braille, cane travel, independent living skills and health and wellness activities. Additionally, participants can look forward to social group activities such as audio described movie nights, karaoke, bingo, bowling etc.


Tucson at Saavi Services for the Blind, October 3rd – 7th

Phoenix at Saavi Services for the Blind, October 17th – 21st


Flagstaff, Location TBD, November 14th through 18th

Mohave County, Location TBD, January 23rd – 27th

Read through our Seniors LIFE Retreat flyer for more information about cost, eligibility and how to register, or please contact Felicia Vazquez at fvazquez@saavi.us or 520-795-1331 ext. 256 to do the intake form.

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