RISE Program

As of June 30th, the Rise program will be discontinued.  We valued our time with this program and wish our RISE participants great experiences in their next program.

RISE (Recreation, Inclusion, Service and Evolution) is a Day Treatment for Adults Program designed specifically for people who have developmental disabilities and who are blind or visually impaired. Our staff are specifically trained in blindness to foster an accessible environment where the clients can participate actively in a variety of activities on and off campus that encourage experiential learning, recreation, socialization, self-help skills, and independence.

If you are interested in our RISE program please contact:

Christina Martinez
RISE DTA Coordinator

R I S E students getting a kiss on the hand from a cow


All activities are geared to actively stimulate the mind, body and soul. Our goal is to focus on the overall wellness of our participants whether it be by partaking in fitness exercises in our personal fitness facilities, or community outings to experience the outdoors. We encourage creativity by arts and crafts and stimulating the mind through audio described movies and books simply to name a few.


It’s not what you can see, but what you can do! One of our core values is to make sure that all of our participants are able to participate actively in all aspects of life to the best of their abilities. This includes partaking in daily life activities such as meal planning, shopping, prepping and cooking; participating in community events and activities such as visiting Pima County Fair to going bowling. We believe that everyone has a right to be included in the joys of life!


Giving back is part of human nature and is one of our foundational tenants at Saavi Services for the Blind. Everyone deserves to feel needed and helpful. For these reasons, our participants are given opportunities to give back to the environment through activities such as recycling and gardening. Our participants can find pride in helping others through our pay-it-forward campaign to help spread joy and positivity.


At Saavi Services for the Blind we believe that everyone has potential for greatness, and we believe that greatness comes from innovation. For this reason, we are always striving to expand horizons whether it is helping learn a new skill or finding new and fun activities for our participants to enjoy. At Saavi Services for the Blind, our participants feel encouraged to fulfill their potential.

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