Ability Builds Confidence

Free program for those new to vision loss or want to learn more about the blindness community.

Vision loss can seem difficult to navigate without expert help to make sense of it all. Take the first steps in the journey to confidence and independence by taking part in our Ability Builds Confidence classes. They are held in-person in Phoenix and Tucson on Tuesday from 10 AM to Noon beginning Nov. 7.


Discover how to build a full and rewarding life after vision loss by joining our ABC classes. Select the register now button below and provide basic contact information or call one of our two locations to sign-up today.

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Saavi Services for the Blind – Phoenix

2920 N. 7 St., Phoenix, AZ 85014

Saavi Services for the Blind – Tucson

3350 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85716

Program Overview

Our Ability Builds Confidence program is designed to Answer frequent questions that people have when vision loss becomes a factor in their everyday lives. Each class will focus on a specific area critical to independence. Learn about the resources, tools, and knowledge used by the blind and low vision community.

Topics include:

  • What is gained by using a cane?
    The ABCs of the white cane. Learn about the history, styles, and resources available to get a cane that works for you.
  • What’s cooking?
    The ABCs of adapting the kitchen and home. Learn creative and inexpensive ways to adapt standard appliances and more to use without looking.
  • What to buy and what to borrow?
    The ABCs of free or low-cost aps and talking gadgets that reliably provide visual information and where to go to learn more.
  • What’s smart about  this device?
    The ABCs of access technology available out of the box. Learn about access technology that is built in and what technology can help improve accessibility.
  • What do the dots say?
    The ABCs of reading and writing without vision. Learn the history of Braille and how to apply it at home, work, travel, school, and more.
  • Where to go for help?*
    The ABCs of partnering with the Vocational Rehabilitation Administration to achieve career, academic, and life goals. Learn about the program and how to qualify for services from a guest speaker with the AZ Department of Economic Security.
  • What’s an IPE?*
    The ABCs of developing an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). Learn how to set goals for employment and more that reflect your specific interests, talent, and experience.
  • How to avoid falling for blindness myths.*
    The ABCs of dispelling myths and the impact of having a Positive attitude about blindness.
  • How to talk about vision loss.*
    The ABCs of building empowering relationships with friends and family. Teach family and friends how to assist in positive and supportive ways.
  • How to meet blind role models and mentors.*
    The ABCs of connecting to a community of positive blind mentors. Introduction to the National Federation of the Blind and its legacy of advocacy.
  • What are disability benefits?*
    The ABCs of Social Security and its benefits. Learn and interact with a guest from the Social Security Administration.
  • How to believe in yourself again.*
    The ABCs of learning to believe that it is not what you can see, rather it is what you can do that matters. Learn about the training options available at Saavi Services for the Blind.
All classes take place in-person at one of our two locations. A select number of classes, indicated with an Asterix in the list above, may be available on a virtual platform to registered participants.

Good to Know

  1. Ability Builds Confidence Classes are held in-person on Tuesdays from 10 AM to Noon in Phoenix and Tucson.
  2. Both locations are ADA compliant, include free parking, and have designated mobility vehicle zones.
  3. There is no deadline to register for the program. Register just once to attend all classes. Get started at any time after registering.
  4. Classes set to begin on November 7
  5. No Classes will be held on Tuesday, December 26
  6. Attendees do not need to be blind or low vision to participate. We look forward to educating anyone interested in learning about best practices in blindness techniques and more.
  7. This program is family friendly and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and abilities. Blindness and vision loss effect every walk of life and community. We welcome our neighbors with openness, mutual respect, and commitment to inclusion.
  8. Childcare, English language interpretation, and other assistance can be made available upon request prior to each class. Make request by contacting the meeting location at least two days in advance.
  9. Tools and other items needed during the learning experience will be made available to explore during class for registered participants at no additional cost.
  10. A select number of classes will be available on a virtual platform to registered participants. They are indicated in the class list with an Asterix. A meeting link will be provided for the specific classes by email to registered participants.
  11. If Tuesday morning meetings don’t fit into your busy schedule. Call us at one of the locations listed above and we will work to meet with you at a more convenient time. The valuable information provided may be the key to getting life back after vision loss and we are happy to help.

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