Comprehensive Blindness Training

Our comprehensive blindness training is an adult training program for blind individuals. Whether a student is new to blindness; has received training in the past and would like to learn new skills, or if an individual is experiencing vision loss for the first time, our goal is to provide skills training so our students may lead productive and independent lives.

If you are interested in our adult services please contact:

Stephanie Goudinoff

Tucson Center Director

Jordan Moon

Phoenix Center Director

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Training Services

The comprehensive blindness training typically involves 9 core classes that can take an average of 9 months to complete the program, on a full time, 40 hour week training schedule.

Braille literacy and proficiency training to increase reading speed and comprehension.

Orientation & Mobility:
How to travel in any environment safely and efficiently learning various low tech and high tech methods to orient yourself and get where you want.

Access Technology:
Training on various computer software and hardware, hand held magnifiers, screen readers, screen magnifiers, CCTVs, Windows OS, Apple products, Androids, etc.

Independent Living Services:
Instruction in all areas of home and personal management- cooking, cleaning, shopping, managing paperwork, home maintenance and more.

daily and weekly discussions of how to develop and maintain a positive perception of blindness

Job Readiness:
Learn how to develop a resume, engage in volunteer opportunities, write a cover letter and other skills need to prepare for the work place.

Additional Services

Depending on your program, training classes at SAAVI Services for the Blind may include additional services listed below. Interpreting can be requested for those interested in our services.

Health & Wellness:
Develop a personalized wellness plan that along with learning about healthy eating includes weight, cardio, balance, and strength training using a variety of methods.

Remedial Education:
Remedial education in group and individual settings in Reading, Writing and Math to improve assessment-testing scores in order to test into college level courses.

Program Advisory:
Program guidance and case management is available during services to assist students in navigating the training and rehabilitation process.

Tutoring provided around class schedules utilizing various academic and technological tools to assist with homework, class projects, and quizzes/exams. Tutoring for graduate placement exams also available.

English as a Second Language:
Training and hands on immersion to learn and master the English language as needed for employment or educational goals

Learn the components and application of the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as learning how to advocate for yourself whether you are in a school, work or personal environment.

Professional counseling services available and provided by Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Through our services, our students will gain the confidence, and the skills that allow them to return to the work force, pursue secondary education, or begin the path towards a new career.

Adult Residential Program / Focus

Students who are interested in the program, also can be found eligible to participate in our Adult Residential Program, which provides off site housing throughout the duration of the program.


For those who qualify for our off campus housing in Tucson, the residential program allows for a practical application of skills learned during the day at a local apartment complex where students stay while they complete training. Apply for Services Today!

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