Saavi Services for the Blind
Program Overview

Who We Are

We are Saavi and it is our motto and belief to expect more of our students. High expectations mean high achievements for program participants. We expect more of our students, and in turn they set high expectations for themselves.

Thus, achieving more and becoming more.

Expect More, Achieve More,
Become More.

It’s not what you can see, but
what you can do!

Our goal is to build student’s confidence and skills through training and opportunity.

What We Do

Saavi Services for the Blind is a blindness rehabilitation training center; providing skills training in nonvisual techniques to people of all ages.

Whether a student is new to blindness or has received training in the past and would like to learn new skills, our goal is to provide skills training so our students may lead productive, independent lives. Our programs serve a variety of individuals of all ages, from children to seniors, all with the goal of providing confidence and skill-building opportunities through training and education.

Two CDP students walking with their canes and learning shades
CDP student places a pan in the oven under learning shade

Our Programs

Our Comprehensive Day Training program is a full-time adult program to provide skills training so our students may lead productive and independent lives. Through our services, our students will gain the confidence, and the skills that allow them to return to the workforce, pursue secondary education, or begin the path towards a new career.

F.O.C.U.S. (Foundational Opportunity to Concentrate Uniquely on Self) is a residential training program serving adults who have previously lived on their own. This program is designed for people who want to make a concentrated effort to gain the nonvisual skills of independence through daily hands-on practice of the skills learned during the day with onsite staff in the residential apartments.

Our K-12 services, R.E.A.L., (Reach Empowerment through Achievement and Learning), teach youth how to advocate as a blind student and participate in the community while gaining the confidence and skill level to live confidently. Through weekly tutoring and academic nights, Saturday activities, summer programs and family retreats we will work with parents and families on how to ensure that they are allowing their student to become independent.

Our Steppin’ Out program is a residential program serving graduated seniors and anyone who has never lived on their own, allowing them to hone their skills and experience independent living before college or joining the workforce. The Ready Set Go program offers a similar experience for high school students during the summer. Our Independent Living Blind program is an older adult training program with a focus on those ages 55+. We provide training in various areas so that they can continue to live their lives. Seniors may receive services in their homes with the goal of maintaining independence.

Our Comprehensive E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) Program is part of Saavi’s adult training program for blind individuals. ESL students will learn the skills of blindness at the same time as they learn the English language. We believe this is important in order to strengthen connections between what they are learning.

R.I.S.E. (Recreation, Inclusion, Service and Evolution) is a Day Treatment for Adults Program in Tucson designed specifically for people who have developmental disabilities and who are blind or visually impaired. This program is uniquely designed to foster an accessible environment where the clients can participate actively in a variety of activities.

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