Integrated Employment- Cultivating a Culture of Strengths

The Integrated Employment – Cultivating a Culture of Strengths conference will provide information critical to fostering a culture of asset-based employment by bringing together employers, community partners, families, and consumers who are blind and/or those who have other disabilities. The overall purpose of this conference will be for persons with disabilities to gain information to help them transition to competitive, integrated employment settings where they can work in positions that play to their strengths and allow them to earn a competitive wage. Most importantly, this conference will positively impact many Arizonans with IDD, some of whom currently working in sheltered work environments, and those who are under- or unemployed. Informing local companies and community members who will participate in our conference to gain information cultivating a culture of strengths.

This conference will highlight advancements gained by the blind community to provide companies with information to take an integrated approach to strength-based employment; inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities; and provide information for families, caregivers, and professionals central to integrated employment. The conference will culminate with a job fair at the end of the day, where participants will be exposed to companies with various employment options, as well as have a chance to network.

Date: May 14, 2021

Location: This conference was hosted live via the Zoom conference platform.

Registration: Closed

Price: Donations only

Presenters: Meet the Speakers.

Who Should Attend

Any persons who are blind or visually impaired, persons with other physical disabilities, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), caregivers, families, professionals, educators, employers, community members, and other stakeholders looking into creating a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

There will be keynote presentations and plenary conference sessions where participants will hear and learn from experts in the field of asset-based employment, working with people with disabilities and disability law.

Topics may include:

  • Agency-wide philosophy and culture on blindness and/or disabilities
  • Educational technologies, policies, and practices for integrated meaningful employment
  • Rehabilitation methods, principles, and policies that impact employment
  • Understanding one’s rights and responsibilities, accessibility options and solutions to perceived barriers of blindness and other disabilities
  • ADA accomplice and the law which supports cultivating a high performing company
  • Misperceptions: how blindness and other disabilities will not affect work performance
  • How to navigate the most common interview questions; disclosing your disability
  • Navigating the “unknown” how to see past the disability
  • Asset-based employment
  • company productivity, overcoming the “disability” label.

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