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If you have any questions that you can’t find an answer to down below, the please contact us at or call 520-795-1331.

Frequently Asked Questions

SAAVI Services for the Blind is a community rehabilitation provider for the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). We offer services under the Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living program

Services are free to participants. Most programs require a student to be enrolled in the Department of Economics’ Security Vocation Rehabilitation Program – see below on how to get started

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome, please contact us at or call 520-795-1331, to schedule a time to come by and check us out.

If you are interested in our Children Services, please contact: Mohammed Falah,, 520-795-1331

If you are interested in our adult services:

If you are interested in our senior services:

If you are interested in employment opportunities, or partnering with SAAVI’s employment team, please contact: Reginald Laister, 602-795-0195

Please note: In order to participate in our Comprehensive Day Program (adult services) and Older Independent Living Blind Program (senior services), you will need to enroll in the Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration (AZRSA or RSA) with the Department of Economic Security. Often times, this means completing the referral process online or the at your local DES Office.

For more information on the Arizona Rehabilitation Services administration Vocational Rehabilitation department, please visit:

For more information about the Older Individuals who are Blind Program, please visit

For information by phone: Tucson 520-629-0225  /  Phoenix 602-771-5240

You will need to complete a referral for services and submit it to your local VR office. You will be contacted for an appointment, and from their additional documents (such as proof of disability) will be required in order for you to enroll in AZRSA.

Whether a student is new to blindness, is completely blind or has low vision, SAAVI can assist the individual in many ways—focusing on overall independence with a variety of areas of skill development as well as confidence building and maintaining a positive philosophy of blindness.

Our philosophy is one of independence in all facets of life. Learning these new transportation techniques and resources allows you the ability to make your own choices in your day-to-day life. With proper training comes reliable skills, and with skills comes freedom. With that freedom is the ability to control your daily schedule, to make decisions based on what you want not what you cannot do.

As far as cooking is concerned, it is always great when someone cooks for us – but it is even more enjoyable to prepare the foods you like, or even prepare the foods you like for others. Whether it is about travel, kitchen, computers or employment – it is about developing the skills and the confidence in knowing you can do whatever you want to do.

Orientation and Mobility training is what you need to help you with your travel needs. Our instructors are Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists and can teach the nonvisual skills and concepts they need to travel independently and safely at home, in the classroom, in their communities, and wherever they may want to go. We also have transportation services available to assist those in getting to our centers, for those who qualify.

You can always reach out to the National Federation of the Blind of Arizona for assistance; current contact information for the state president can be found here:

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