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Louis Braille was born in France on January 4th, 1804. At age three, Louis suffered an accident that resulted in him losing his vision. While enrolled at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth, Louis was exposed to the French army’s night writing system. Seeing the potential night writing could have for blind people, Louis adapted its dots and dash system into a six celled code. This code would become the foundation for the Braille code that is used by blind people around the world. Louis Braille died on January 6th, 1852, but his legacy lives on in the millions of people who achieved literacy and success because of his code. 

As school ends and summer starts, we at Saavi Services for the Blind begin our Ready Set Go! summer camp! Developed with blindness professionals, blind mentors, and Saavi alumni, RSG is our summer residential program for 9-12th graders. Students live and learn in fully furnished apartments as they prepare for college living and independence.

Read more here on our Ready Set Go 2024 page.

Learn the blindness skills you need to live the life you earned at Saavi’s L.I.F.E. Retreat

If you are over the age of 55 and you are experiencing vision loss, the “Living Independently through Foundational Experiences” Retreat is for you! Come gain the skills and resources to independently live the life that you have earned through basic nonvisual skills training, community experiences and positive group connection.

Participants will receive nonvisual training in assistive technology, Braille, cane travel, independent living skills and health and wellness activities. Additionally, participants can look forward to social group activities such as audio described movie nights, karaoke, bingo, bowling etc.


Tucson at Saavi Services for the Blind, October 3rd – 7th

Phoenix at Saavi Services for the Blind, October 17th – 21st


Flagstaff, Location TBD, November 14th through 18th

Mohave County, Location TBD, January 23rd – 27th

Read through our Seniors LIFE Retreat flyer for more information about cost, eligibility and how to register, or please contact Felicia Vazquez at fvazquez@saavi.us or 520-795-1331 ext. 256 to do the intake form.

If you have questions and need additional information about our ILB services, please contact:

Mohammed Falah
Itinerant Services and Independent Living Blind Manager
520-795-1331 ext. 233

The Integrated Employment – Cultivating a Culture of Strengths conference provided information critical to fostering a culture of asset-based employment by bringing together employers, community partners, families, and consumers who are blind and/or those who have other disabilities. The overall purpose of this conference was for persons with disabilities to gain information to help them transition to competitive, integrated employment settings where they can work in positions that play to their strengths and allow them to earn a competitive wage.

Read more here our IEC 2021 page.

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