SAAVI Services for the Blind Participates in Popular “Dare Me to Transform” Challenge

I dare you to go to a car dealership and ask to take a test drive. I dare you to go to a hardwood store and ask about different tools.

For the month of November 2019, SAAVI Services for the blind will participate in our own “Dare Me to Transform” which utilizes “Rejection Therapy” principles, made popular by Jia Jang.

  Students, staff and board members will be taking part in “dares” that are specifically meant to place them outside of their comfort zone; taking part in things that they otherwise may not. They will compete for prizes and bragging rights; all while challenging themselves and growing.

 Jia Jang’s rejection therapy is based off his ideas associated with the positive benefits of not being afraid of rejection, as outlined in his two books “100 days of rejection:” and “Rejection proof.”

 By purposely engaging in social challenges and interacting with real people, Jang states, a person can open up themselves to not being afraid of rejection. This helps quick thinking, confidence and can help lay the foundation down for long-lasting personal change.

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Dares will take place in all three centers. Participants will choose a dare on a braille index card each week. Dares can be completed more than that however. Students, staff and board members will receive points for the number of dares completed. Participants must provide proof of their dare. At the end of the month, prizes will be given out for the most points.

 “Participating in challenges such as this encourage us all to dig a little within and push ourselves a little farther,”” Said Jordan Moon, SAAVI Services for the Blind’s Public Relations coordinator. “Some dares will challenge our social fears and other will challenge our blindness skills, but all will make us better.”

For more information about rejection Therapy, please see Jang’s YouTube video below.

 Please stay tune for a recap of the dares completed and some awesome results!