• SAAVI Staff and Students Hiking Group

    A large group of SAAVI Students and Staff equipped with their canes and walking sticks, posing for a picture before they undertake a great hike outside.
  • SAAVI Students on the move

    Two photos, one showing a group of students under learning shades walking alongside a river, with a bridge in the background. The other photo shows a student under learning shade getting ready to fly down a zipline.
  • SAAVI Students Doing Great

    Two photos, one showing four students posing in front of the Community Food Bank truck after an event. The other photo shows a group of students under learning shades getting ready to light their grills and cook that nights dinner.

Education and Employment Services

Employment Services

If you are interested in employment opportunities, or partnering with SAAVI’s employment team, please contact: Reginald Laister, rlaister@saavi.us 602-795-0195


Students referred other various programs may receive support in the following areas:

Career exploration: Not sure what career field you want to enter? Our employment team will help you figure out where your strengths and interests lie, to help you identify what job works best for you

SAAVI Staff and Students dressed for success before a local job fairJob readiness: Once a student has selected a career field, it is important to know how to prepare to apply for a position within a company. Resume writing, mock interviews, internships, professional dress etc. are just a few of the topics covered in our job readiness class, in preparation for the work place

Job development: once a student has obtained the skills they need to be independent, it’s time to go to work! Our job development team can assist you in applying for positions in your area, utilizing the skills and training you’ve gaining through your time at SAAVI

Education Services

SAAVI’s Educational Services Program offers a range of services to assist our clients in obtaining a post-secondary education, vocational certification, or GED.

Often times, blind students are unaware of the variety of services and accommodations provided by institutions of higher education.

A SAAVI student under learning shade using a guide to write on paperIt is our job to ensure you have everything you need so that you have equal access to your school work, books and classroom materials.

This may include tutoring, financial assistance; help applying for financial aid, or a support system to secure success – below is a list of some services available:


Remedial Education – Remedial education in group and individual settings in Reading, Writing and Math to improve assessment testing scores in order to test into college level courses.

Tuition, Books and Supplies – For those who qualify, as well as assistance applying for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) is provided.

Reader and Note Taker Services – Accommodations can be provided to assist you so you have the equal access to materials in science labs, math courses, and foreign language classes.

Tutoring – Tutoring provided around class schedules if help is needed with homework, class projects, and quizzes/exams. Tutoring for graduate placement exams also available.

GED Preparation –Tutoring available to prepare you for all 4 GED tests or for the Hadley High School Diploma program.

Alternative Media –Assist students in obtaining and using accessible materials to complete their coursework. Specializing in electronic textbooks in all subjects, including STEM materials.